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Petition filed against Dania Shah for leaking Aamir Liaquat’s videos and ‘globally’ ruining image of Pakistani women

Petition filed against Dania Shah for leaking Aamir Liaquat's videos and 'globally' ruining image of Pakistani women

Dania Shah has been in the news headlines ever since rumors of her divorce from Late Aamir Liaquat hit the internet. Recently, the anchor’s sudden demise has left questions about Dania’s uncertain future.

Her mother previously claimed that Shah is the legal heir to all the assets he has left behind. However, Dania has now caught herself in legal trouble as a petition has been filed against her for leaking personal photos and videos of aamir liaquat.

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Petition filed against Dania Shah

A non-profit organisation has moved to court against Liaquat’s third wife.
In the petition, the organisation asked the Cyber Crime Wing of FIA to take strict action against Dania for posting inappropriate videos on social media.

It also demanded that action be taken against her for corrupting the image of Pakistani women globally.

Dania Shah’s response

Following the claim, a video has been released on Dania’s instagram account, in which a woman is speaking on behalf of Shah, who is in “iddat” at the moment. The woman claimed that Aamir forgave his wife before his demise.

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She asked in the video that how come after the death of a husband, who has ‘forgiven’ his wife, the society tries to arrest the woman. The narrator added that Liaquat was also willing to ‘reconcile,’ and the doors of his house were open for Dania.

“The media in particular is spreading hatred among the people,” the woman said.

Dania will answer the rest of the questions after her iddat is complete.

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