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‘If you knew about PML-N’s plan since July 2021, then about American conspiracy?’ Iffat Omar questions Imran Khan

'If you knew about PML-N's plan since July 2021, then about American conspiracy?' Iffat Omar questions Imran Khan

Actress and model Iffat Omar has once again taken a dig at foreign Prime Minister Imran Khan. She took to Twitter to slam the PTI chairman.

During his recent podcast, Imran Khan said he knew since July of 2021 that PML-N is scheming to overthrow his government. Tweeting about this, Omar questioned that if he knew about it since 2021, what about his visit to Russia or the American conspiracy?

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Khan also revealed that there were threats of civil war in Afghanistan, which is why he did not want to change the intelligence chief during challenging times. He added that his move was misinterpreted, and the opposition created the impression that he wanted the former DG of ISI General Faiz to be the next army chief.

He said that throughout the time he was in power, Khan never made a decision that was deviated from the principles of merit.

“I would like my army to be strong. There was no such thing in my mind, yet they spread rumors about my preference for Faiz Hameed as the COAS,” the PTI chairman said.

During the podcast, Khan also talked about his former allies, Jahangir Tareen and Aleem Khan. He said the reason he ‘distanced’ himself from them was that they wanted illegal benefits from him. According to him, Aleem Khan wanted him to legalize his 300-acre land near Ravi.

However, this isn’t the first time Iffat Omar has called out Imran Khan. Previously, she said that he should be arrested for instigating hatred amongst Pakistanis. This came after PML-N leaders were followed in Madinah by fans shouting offensive slogans at them.

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