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Ayeza Khan’s brother’s former fiance reveals how the actress traumatised her

Ayeza Khan's brother's former fiance reveals how she traumatised her

Ayeza Khan is in hot waters after her brother’s ex-fiance made shocking revelations against her. The public is calling out the actress.

Ayeza is among those actresses that are rarely in any controversy. One reason why her fans love her is because of her humble personality. However, these recent allegations have shaken many.

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Ahad’s ex-fiance, Aruba Tariq, came up with strong accusations. In a lengthy post on her Facebook account, Tariq unleashed everything in detail. According to her, the actress sabotaged her wedding. She also told that the actress is completely opposite from what she appears. ‘Rude, a terrible mother, arrogant and bitchy for hating her in-laws.’

Ayeza Khan's brother's former fiance reveals how she traumatised her

In the post, Aruba mentioned that she and Ahad liked each other and got engaged. The preparations for the marriage were in full swing until she discovered that Ahad and his family had been lying about everything. She also revealed their problematic behavior with their servants. ‘They kicked their chef out because of his religious beliefs (he was Shia),’ she wrote. ‘Their servants don’t last for more than 2-4 months.’

Talking more on the topic, she said that Ahad is a cheater and hasn’t even graduated. Tariq also wrote that Danish Taimoor on the other hand is a good guy and minds his own business.

Ayeza Khan's brother's former fiance reveals how she traumatised her

Aruba said that the biggest reason why their engagement broke was Ayeza. The whole family is dependent on her. ‘You can not even breathe without her approval,’ she added. Moreover, she also shed light on the mental trauma Khan’s family caused her. ‘I still get PTSD when I see her picture.’

‘She is a terrible mother and never looks after her kids,’ Tariq wrote in the post. She blamed the Mere Pass Tum Ho actress for her dysfunctional family and for being the core reason why her own engagement ended up this way.

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