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Actress Sharmila Farooqi Father Passed Away

Actress Sharmila Farooqi Father Passed Away

Sharmila Farooqi is considered one of the best former actresses in Pakistan. In the nineties, she has won the hearts of the people by acting in one or two Pakistani dramas. There is no doubt that this girl already has all the abilities that are already seen in an actress and a model.

Actress Sharmila Farooqi Father Passed Away
Actress Sharmila Farooqi Father Passed Away

If we mention the age of famous Pakistani politician Sharmila Farooqi in the year 2021, then she has turned 43 years old. And she started her married life in 2015 by marrying SHasham Riaz Sheikh. After a few years of marriage, Hasham and Sharmila have also become the parents of a son.

Actress Sharmila Farooqi Father Passed Away

One of the special things about Sharmila Farooqi is that she brings the voice of the people from her official social media account to the houses. And she talks about everything that is spreading evil in our society. And that’s why millions of people are following her on Twitter and Instagram.

Actress Sharmila Farooqi Father Passed Away
Actress Sharmila Farooqi Father Passed Away

In today’s article, we will see that the bad news is that Sharmila Farooqi’s father Usman Farooqi is no more in this world and he has passed away. His daughter Sharmila herself confirmed the news to her fans on her Instagram account. Read Sharmila’s post about what she wrote about her father.

Don’t forget to pray for forgiveness for Sharmila Farooqi’s father Usman Farooqi and Anisa Farooqi’s husband in the comment section below. We pray to Allah Almighty to give them the highest position in Paradise and to give patience to their families. Ameen.

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