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Starlet Sajal Aly believes marriage is overrated

Sajal Aly, a gorgeous Pakistani model, television, and film actress, has been making waves globally with her recent international film, “What’s Love Got to Do With It.” The film has received widespread acclaim and Sajal’s natural acting has garnered significant attention, including high praise from renowned Indian director, Shekhar Kapoor. Prior to this, Sajal showcased her talent alongside the late Sridevi in the acclaimed Bollywood film “Mom.”

Starlet Sajal Aly believes marriage is overrated

Sajal began her showbiz journey with a minor role in Nida Yasir’s drama serial “Nadaniyaan.” She initially entered the entertainment industry due to her family’s financial struggles, and at the time, had no idea that she would rise to become one of Pakistan’s most acclaimed and successful actresses in such a short span of time.

In a recent interview with YouTuber Ridah Khan, renowned actress Sajal Aly shared her opinion on marriage, stating that she does not view it as an absolute necessity. During the conversation, she expressed, “In a way, you’re not really asking me, as you already know the answer. You know what you want and you know that you are a whole person without a man. While being with the right person and experiencing love is a wonderful feeling, it is not the only thing that defines you as a person. For myself, I feel fulfilled and complete, and I cherish each day with love, respect, and appreciation.”

Starlet Sajal Aly believes marriage is overrated

As many of you may already be aware, Sajal Aly was previously married to Ahad Raza Mir, but unfortunately, their union ended in divorce within a few months. The reason behind their separation remains unknown.

If you want to listen to the complete interview of Sajal Aly in which she is making many important revelations about marriage, then click on the link below to watch the complete interview.

However, as soon as the video clip of Sajal discussing her thoughts on marriage began circulating on social media, people began sharing their own opinions on the matter. Let’s take a look at some of the comments people have made in response to Sajal’s statement. We’ve included screenshots of a few below.

Starlet Sajal Aly believes marriage is overrated
Starlet Sajal Aly believes marriage is overrated

We would love to hear your thoughts as well. Do you agree with Sajal’s stance on marriage? Please feel free to share your opinions in the comments section. Thank you!

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