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Sonya Hussyn’s post-divorce relationship requirements and criteria for a life partner

Sonya Hussyn, a talented Pakistani actress known for her captivating performances in both television and film, has been making headlines lately for her upcoming Eid movie “Daadal,” in which she will be portraying the role of a female boxer. Her current TV drama “Tinkay Ka Sahara” is also garnering rave reviews. During a recent appearance on ARY Digital’s “The Fourth Umpire” show with Fahad Mustafa, she shared her thoughts on the ideal traits she seeks in a life partner.

Sonya Hussyn's post-divorce relationship requirements and criteria for a life partner

It may come as a surprise that Sonya Hussyn, a prominent Pakistani actress, was previously married to well-known fitness trainer Wasif Muhammad back in 2014. The wedding was kept so private that no one was aware of their nuptials at the time. Sadly, their marriage did not last long, and the couple eventually got divorced, choosing to pursue separate paths. This was during the early stages of Sonya’s showbiz career, and as a result, not much was known about her personal life.

During a recent interview on desirable qualities in a life partner, Sonya Hussyn expressed her opinion, stating that while there are many factors a woman should consider when choosing a partner, one crucial trait is confidence. She emphasized that a man should approach a woman with a strong level of confidence, as being timid is a major turn-off. In addition, she emphasized the importance of financial stability and hard work, noting that a partner should be self-made rather than relying solely on their father’s wealth to excel in life.

Sonya Hussyn's post-divorce relationship requirements and criteria for a life partner

The actress added, If a person is rich and does not believe in hard work, then it is of no use. He should be loyal, he should not look for outside love if a girl is waiting for him, he should be loyal to his girl.

If you’re interested in hearing Pakistani actress Sonya Hussyn discuss the qualities she values in a life partner, you can listen to the full interview click on the link provided below.

We welcome comments from those who share Sonya Hussyn’s perspective on the qualities of an ideal life partner. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below, and we look forward to reading your valuable contributions. Thank you!

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