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Ride Star Hybrid Bike Launched in Pakistan

As people look for more affordable commute options, Ride Star has launched a Hybrid Bike in Pakistan, which can give you a mileage of 180 to 200 km on a single charge and 1 litre of petrol combined, the company claims.

Ride Star Hybrid Bike, Ride Star Hybrid Bike Price in Pakistan
Ride Star Hybrid Bike Launched in Pakistan

Ride Star Hybrid Bike provides two power options, an electric motor as well as a petrol engine, which can give user a better mileage and more affordable way to commute, especially in this economy with sky-high fuel prices.

Ride Star Hybrid Bike

The Ride Star Hybrid Bike comes with a 1,500W electric motor that is powered by a 60V 30aH Lithium Phosphate battery that can be fully charged in 2 to 3 hours and provides up to 90 kilometers of mileage.

Meanwhile, the bike also comes equipped with a 70cc engine that is capable of providing 55 to 60 kilometers per litre, which makes this one of the first hybrid bikes to be introduced in Pakistan.

Furthermore, one of the interesting features of the Ride Star Hybrid Bike is its ability to charge the battery while it runs on the petrol engine. According to the YouTube review, the bike can recharge the battery for another 25 kilometers usage in only 1 litre of fuel consumption or 55-60 kilometers.

Ride Star Hybrid Bike in Pakistan
Ride Star Hybrid Bike


In order to book Ride Star Hybrid Bike in Pakistan, you can contact the number given below.

  • Mian Muhammad Naeem, General Manager, Sales and Marketing
  • Zulqarnain Haider Manager Sales and Marketing
  • Mohammad Shahnil Gul Coordinator Sales and Marketing


  • 1500W Electric Motor
  • 70CC Engine
  • 60V 30aH Lithium Phosphate Battery
  • 2-3 Hours Charging Time
  • 7-8 Liters of Petrol Capacity
  • 90 Kilometers on Battery
  • 55-60 Kilometers on 1 Litre of Petrol
  • 180-200 Kilometers Combined Mileage
  • Diamond Company Tires

Ride Star Hybrid Bike Price in Pakistan

The price of the Ride Star Hybrid Bike in Pakistan is Rs. 220,000 (as of February 2023), but please make sure to contact the numbers given above for the exact rates.

Pakistan is witnessing an influx of electric bikes / scooters as people look for petrol alternative due to high prices of petroleum products.

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