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Latest Millat Tractors Price in Pakistan [February 2023]

Millat Tractors Limited (MTL) has announced an increase in the price of Millat Tractors in Pakistan due to increase in cost of production.

Millat Tractors Price in Pakistan, Millat Tractors
Latest Millat Tractors Price in Pakistan [February 2023]

“Due to increase in the input cost of tractors, the prices of MF tractor models are being revised.” announced the company in a circular issued to dealers.

Millat Tractors Price in Pakistan

Tractor Model Price Ex-Factory Lahore (PKR)
MF-240 1,795,000
MF-260 2,075,000
MF-206 SE 2,115,000
MF-360 (2WD) 2,195,000
MF-360 (4WD) 3,140,000
MF-375 (2WD) 2,766,000
MF-375 (4WD) 3,730,000
MF-385 (2WD) 2,860,000
MF-385 (4WD) 3,788,000

These prices have come into effect for all orders placed on or after 31 January 2023. However, the previous prices shall apply as per the following terms:

Cash Orders

  • The financial instruments (Demand Drafts and Pay Orders) dated 30.01.2023 or earlier, provided that the same are booked and received at MTL by 06.03.2023, shall be accommodated at previous prices.
  • The payments received in MTL or online payments transferred in MTL account by 30.01.2023, will be considered for booking at previous prices.

Loan Cases

  • The cases booked up to 30.01.2023, where-against the intimation letters have been issued and Demand Drafts are awaited, if issued by the branches as per intimated delivery date, shall be delivered at older prices.
  • The cases where booking numbers have not been issues, however, the Demand Drafts / Pay Orders have been issued along with the Supply/Purchase Order dated 30.01.2023 or earlier and the same are received at MTL by 06.03.2023, shall be considered at the previous prices.

Quotations Issued to Institutions

These shall be entertained as per the terms mentioned in the quotation.

In Case of Tenders

The terms agreed in the tenders shall be followed.

This is a copy of the circular:

Millat Tractors Price in Pakistan, Millat Tractors

Last month, Millat Tractors temporarily shut down production like all other companies in the automotive industry due to lack of resources arising from import restrictions.

Read more: Pakistan’s Biggest Tractor Manufacturer Shuts Down Operations.

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