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Komal Rizvi speaks about her divorce for the first time

Komal Rizvi is a multi-talented actress, model, and singer from Pakistan who gained widespread recognition for her first drama, ‘Hawaain‘ on Pakistan Television (PTV). This drama made her a household name and boosted her popularity. She is unique among Pakistani celebrities as she has hosted and sung in India. In a recent podcast with Pakistan’s top YouTuber Nadir Ali, Rizvi spoke openly about her divorce for the first time.

Komal Rizvi speaks about her divorce for the first time

Komal Rizvi, a renowned Pakistani singer, and actress celebrated her 41st birthday in 2023. While many may not be aware, Komal’s brother, Hasan Rizvi, is a dancer and entrepreneur. Recently, Komal launched a skincare brand called ‘Truly Komal’ which has received positive feedback from young women.

Komal Rizvi, speaking publicly about her divorce for the first time, said: “My marriage was semi-arranged, which is a weighty and significant topic in my life. Our society places a lot of emphasis on a girl’s marriage and expects her to make it work, but it fails to establish boundaries that cannot be crossed. I was not taught these limits and was led to believe in my husband and his family. Unfortunately, it did not turn out as I hoped.”

Komal Rizvi speaks about her divorce for the first time

The actress further added: “I was completely uninformed about the struggle to protect my basic rights. It took me four years to comprehend the situation. I was subjected to torture, abuse, and manipulation through his mind games. He even hit me with a frying pan, claiming that I served him cold food. He was mentally ill and physically abusive, but I stayed for 3.6 years because of my lack of understanding. It saddens me that I lost my prime years in this manner.”

The actress continued: “I got married at 21 years old and was in Oman with my husband. Unfortunately, the police there didn’t assist me as they considered it a domestic matter. I was left alone with an abusive man who physically and financially mistreated me. If you’d like to hear Komal Rizvi’s emotional interview where she speaks about her divorce, follow the link below to listen to the full interview.”

What would you like to say about the increasing divorce rate in Pakistan, what is your opinion about it, so please let us know your valuable opinion? Thanks!

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