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Fans went crazy after seeing Sajal Aly’s ‘Namaste’ style

Sajal Aly is one of the best and most successful actresses in Pakistan and India who has won the hearts of everyone with her acting. A good habit of this girl is that she is very devoted to her work and after finishing work she likes to give time to herself or her family. And that is why she is not seen attending any frivolous parties in the showbiz industry.

Fans went crazy after seeing Sajal Aly's 'Namaste' style

A few days ago, the news of Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir’s divorce went viral on social media. One thing that we mention here with a sad heart is that Sajal and Ahad are divorced. No one knows what was the reason for their divorce so soon. And Sajal Aly and her husband Ahad Raza Mir do not discuss this topic. Rumors spread on social media that Ahad wanted Sajal Aly to say goodbye to the showbiz industry. Sajal did not accept this and they divorced.

Well, a video clip has been posted about the launch of a new video streaming platform in which Sajal Aly can be seen looking gorgeous in her off-white and black double-breasted suit, in the short clip Sajal can be seen doing ‘Namaste’ action. As soon as this video went viral on social media, people said that Pakistani actresses are forgetting their religion and following others’ religion. Watch the video by clicking on the link below!

Sajal Aly has been criticized many times before, but she doesn’t care about people and she listens to people’s words from one ear and takes them out of the other.

How people started commenting on social media after watching this video of Sajal Aly, so let’s take a look at the comments made by them.

Fans went crazy after seeing Sajal Aly's 'Namaste' style
Fans went crazy after seeing Sajal Aly's 'Namaste' style
Fans went crazy after seeing Sajal Aly's 'Namaste' style

Do you guys also feel that Sajal Aly is crossing her limits after getting fame? What would you guys like to say about this? So let us know your opinion. Thanks!

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