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Daring display of love: Viral video shows Emaan Suleman’s husband flying wife

Eman Suleman is an emerging talent in the Pakistani entertainment industry. She made her foray into the fields of modeling and acting in 2018, and within a short span of time, she has become a household name. She is known for being a vocal advocate of women’s rights and consistently lends her voice to champion their cause.

Daring display of love: Viral video shows Emaan Suleman's husband flying wife

It appears that Eman Suleman is primarily focused on modeling as opposed to acting, having collaborated with renowned Pakistani designers such as Fahad Hussain on multiple occasions for bridal campaigns. Although she has faced criticism for her clothing choices, she remains unbothered by online haters and doesn’t let their negativity affect her.

Eman Suleman tied the knot with Syed Jamil Haider in 2020 and continues to pursue her professional career while also striving to maintain a healthy work-life balance with her husband and in-laws. Despite being married for three years, she has yet to be blessed with children and appears to be taking her time to fully enjoy her married life.

Daring display of love: Viral video shows Emaan Suleman's husband flying wife

A video featuring Eman Suleman having a playful moment with her husband at home has gone viral. The video captures her husband tossing her in the air, much like a father would with a newborn baby, while Eman can be heard audibly expressing her excitement and fear. The video showcases the couple’s affection for one another in a lighthearted and fun manner.

If you also want to watch the video of Eman Suleman having fun at home with her husband, then click on the link below and watch it.

Men who are married and thus throw their wives in the air must comment in the comment section below. So we will eagerly wait to read your valuable comments. Thanks!

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