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Aiman Khan teases fans with plans for highly-anticipated acting comeback

Aiman Khan is a well-known Pakistani model, actress, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. She deserves immense admiration for her ability to effortlessly master any task at hand. Khan initially entered the entertainment industry as a child artist in television commercials, subsequently transitioning to supporting roles and eventually landing lead roles. Thus began Aiman’s successful journey in showbiz, with no signs of slowing down.

Aiman Khan teases fans with plans for highly-anticipated acting comeback

In late 2018, Aiman Khan tied the knot with actor and model Muneeb Butt. Shortly before their first wedding anniversary, the couple welcomed their daughter, Amal Muneeb. Amal quickly became a notable figure in the Pakistani entertainment industry, despite being yet unborn. People became familiar with her name and appearance through her parents’ public profiles. Just recently, Aiman and Muneeb’s daughter participated in her school’s sports day event, which was documented and shared by the couple on their Instagram accounts.

Recently, Aiman Khan made an appearance on The Mirza Malik Show, which is hosted by Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik. During the show, Sania Mirza asked whether Aiman would consider returning to television dramas. Aiman responded, “I’ve been in the industry for a long time now. I began my career as a child artist, and after getting married and having a daughter, I took a break. Although I’m still enjoying my hiatus and having fun, I may return to the screen in the future, but not immediately.”

Aiman Khan teases fans with plans for highly-anticipated acting comeback

When the show’s host asked if Aiman Khan would be making an appearance on the big screen, the actress responded, “It could be a surprise for everyone, even Muneeb.” Muneeb Butt added that it would be entirely Aiman’s decision to return to the industry, and he had no objections to it. It’s evident that Aiman has not left showbiz because of her husband, as she simply prefers spending more time with her daughter and in-laws.

If you’re interested in watching Aiman Khan’s interview where she discusses her potential return to acting, click on the link below.

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